How Do You Let Out Your Anger???

12 06 2008

We have come across or read articles about how you  control your anger..Like start counting from 1 to 10..or relax to music..and wat not..we have heard of all the possible things to do wen we are angry ..but the question is can we really do all these wen the whole world inside us is experiencing a huge hurricane…maybe few can follow it really…but in real world all of us do wanna show it on someone or somethin…though it may not solve all our problems but still….we feel we have let out everythin and carry on our work peacefully….But have we ever taut about the consquence of it…Ofcourse anger is not somethin unusual..but it comes destructive only wen we let anger take up our lives..There are few points which we have to keep in mind..
Think carefully before you say anything so that you don’t end up saying something you’ll regret.
Don’t hold a grudge.It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to behave exactly as you want.
Do not use sarcasm, though you feel achieved somethin great by pointin out other`s faults.. but  it`ll be too late before you realise dat you are losin your loved ones .
Another instance of anger is when a person creates a lot of rules for another person to follow. Creating rules for someone causes conflicts and more often leads to anger.

So i guess most of us wud have experienced this situation or atleast have come across such person in our lives..Anger is an essential part of our lives, till it is kept under control.So its better a person can keep control over their temper and prevent hurting themselves and others.


Is Life full of Traps???

11 06 2008

I sometimes wonder wen ppl advise me like “you have to be very careful n cautious for each step u take in ur life.. u dunno wats gonna happen tomo etc etc..”.as if those ppl are really given a planner for wats gonna happen tomo..Wat i feel is take life as it comes..Ofcourse problems exist for each one of us right from our childhood to old age..And i don think anyone can help us get outta it..except one.. and dats OURSELVES..
There are many who try very hard in order to avoid these traps in our life…and on the other side there are some who are very talented in always blaming others for their miserable life..maybe dats their way of consolation..some like to help others comm outta of it..dat they don realise they themselves are actually fallin into those thing is for sure dat each one of us is gonna come across it in our lifetime..
All depends on how we face it and come across and live our life..or be broodin over de past..but never let de broodin take up your precious moments of your life..So to wind up.. its always WITHIN US..Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

Atlast My First Blog!!!

9 06 2008

Hiii I am Anita i have completed my Engineering one month ago..An now am a B.E graduate ready to explore the software industry..But as of now am one among those who is eagerly waiting to get the call from the company..So for almost one month i have been thinkin wat can i do so that i use my time effectively..first it was like lemme take some time off cos jus now finished with my exams..yeah so one week passed like dat..then get outtings all these stuff came by ..and thus succesfully another week passed..i don think u can be idle without havin anythin to do for more than 2 weeks…for sure dat`ll be the heights of frustration for you…then i joined my car drivin classes..but still it dint take up much of my time cos its jus one hour…

And atlast here i am logged in wordpress and started with my bloggin..this is gonna be the place where am gonna share all my views thoughts n ideas both serious n silly..i guess bloggin can make me busy for sometime and realise who i really here starts my journey of bloggin…comments welcome..